According to common understanding, there are precisely 102 kinds of software: useful software and useless software. It’s my intent to prove this wrong, by producing software that blurs the boundary between clearly useless and hey maybe the author had a point. Most of my products still fall close to either one of the categories though.
Usually the latter.


My prouder achievements include Tug of Vote, a collaboration tool that’s just shitty enough to be easy to use but not shitty enough to overly frustrate you.
I also work a lot on BLIMP, a Discord moderation and tooling bot. You can use it, too! It’s quite neat1. It does a lot of useful things because it’s mostly scooping up features from other bots that implemented them first and then broke or went Premium™. It’s AGPL, so it won’t ever do that at least.
Apart from these, sometimes i feel the requirement to do something involving the “web” in a manner that the original page creator didn’t quite intend. One of the results of this is Tildee, a scraper and API wrapper for, which allows you to do … things. Deimos is pretty good at including the major usecases into the site proper so i haven’t actually used it in months.
A more actively used (but even less actively developed) application in this vein is SeqArtFetch, which is a downloading tool for webcomics. My mobile connection options are horrendous and sometimes archives go down, so better to just read the things offline. I still use it, every week. It deserves a rewrite, though.


The majority of my time is spent with these. The highlights, briefly: Useless Box++, link elongator, virtual outdated machine, and All of it, madness.



This page is generated from markdown using a bespoke script2 which in turn uses Nix, Pandoc and Sass. The font you’re hopefully reading this in is TeX Gyre Heros3, which does not look anything like the popular font Helvetica. Not at all. There is a page that lists previous versions of this site’s themeing.

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  1. Blimps are neat.↩︎

  2. Because sometimes reinventing the wheel from first principles is fun.↩︎

  3. Available under the GUST Font License.↩︎