BLIMP Manual

Manual override!

The BLIMP is a multipurpose utility Discord Bot.


Most BLIMP commands accept arguments. They’re separated by spaces, like this:

choose! Option Choice

This will make the bot see both Option and Choice as separate words. Sadly, sometimes you’re forced to use a language that doesn’t have the near-miraculous ability to merge concepts like stimulation fund for municipal investment into a single beautiful word like Kommunalinvestitionsförderungsfonds. In that case, you can use quotes to delimit what words belong to each other:

choose! "Butter Pecan" Chocolate

Here, the bot sees Butter Pecan and Chocolate as two phrases.

Some arguments have special rules depending on what they represent. Here’s an overview:


To self-host BLIMP, you need both the source code and the Nix Package Manager. First, open a terminal and clone the repository:

$ git clone

If you don’t have git installed, you can also download a zip archive of the code on the page linked above (currently the option is hidden behind a big green button) and unzip it into a directory.
Next, enter that directory.

$ cd blimp

Now you need to edit the configuration file. Open blimp.cfg.example with your text editor of choice and update it as instructed by the comments inside. To get the bot running immediately, you only need to insert a valid token, which you can get here under “New Application”→“Bot”.
Now we can build BLIMP:

$ nix build

This will print a bunch of useful information and hopefully succeed. You now should have a symlink called result lying around in your folder that points to the build output. You can run BLIMP using this command:

$ ./result/bin/blimp

If you want to self-host it on a VPS or similar, you probably want to create a systemd service for BLIMP to have it start automatically and provide better logging. This is not detailed here, just search the term and you should find a bunch of up-to-date tutorials.