BLIMP Levitating Intercommunication Management Programme

BLIMP is a tooling bot for Discord, developed as a replacement for Bampersand in the The Valley Discord server. It mostly does non-critical things like role assignments, starboard, user-facing logs et cetera, but will eventually provide backup for security functions too.

BLIMP is designed with self-hosting in mind and has minimal dependencies — to be exact, you only need the Nix Package Manager to start using the Programme. The source code of the main instance is visible for everyone; if you run your own instance you must similarly provide source code for your users.


To view the manual, go here. It doesn’t duplicate information which would also be available over help!, so use that too. Currently it discusses how BLIMP reads your commands and how you can set up your own instance.

Starting out with BLIMP

Either self-host an instance or click this link to invite the main BLIMP instance to your server and grant it Administrator permissions. In case you are more security-minded (good!), you can also use this link, which does the same, but only grants absolutely necessary permissions to the bot. Keep in mind that the latter is less future-proof as BLIMP’s features steadily creep outside their original scope.