Dingenskirchen Systems

Dingenskirchen Systems

Hoi! I’m Cassidy Dingenskirchen1, purveyor of bad posts and worse software. I also do other things. Sometimes, at least.

If you want to talk to me for whatever sinister reasons of your own, your best bet is probably the Fediverse. You can also reach me by mailing to almost any address on this domain2. If you, however, want to talk about me, please be so kind and avoid gendered language — in English, the singular they or Spivak pronouns (e/eir/em) are my personal favorites towards that end.

On this page, you can find information on me, the software I’ve written, and the odd and by now kind of embarrassing bit of creative writing.

  1. /ˈdɪŋənsˌkɪʁçən/↩︎

  2. Like, for example, MailSentHereWillBeDiscardedUnread@15318.de. Do not send mail to this address as it will be discarded unread.↩︎