Dingenskirchen Systems

Aggregated acts of at best questionable utility.


I’m Cassidy Dingenskirchen, purveyor of bad posts and worse software. I do other things too. Sometimes. If you want to talk about me, be so kind and avoid gendered language — singular they or Spivak pronouns (e/eir/em) are my personal favorites towards that end. If, however, you want to talk to me, email or the Fediverse are your best bets. As reflected in my avatars and handles, I do actually look like a waffle in real life and can pride myself on having been canonised in no less than four religions without having been dead for years. I’m just that awesome.


I am, among other things, a Writer. For certain definitions of Writer, in any case. Judge for yourself over here at “Texts”. These are mostly short stories, and most aren’t even listed on the page.

Useful Programs

I’ve written things like Tug of Vote, which is a collaboration tool that’s shitty enough to be easy to use and not shitty enough to overly frustrate you. Next up, BLIMP, a Discord moderation bot, because there just weren’t that many of them back in the day. SeqArtFetch is due for a rewrite (and probably more than that) but will still faithfully download your webcomics. In a similar vein, Tildee is a scraper/API wrapper for tildes.net, in case you, like, actually use that site. Proceed at your own peril.

Useless Programs

The majority of my time is spent with these. Very briefly: Useless Box++, link elongator, virtual outdated machine, All of it, madness, and more license than code.